Logo Designs


Singe Confectionery

“ Two best friends Alex and Kim on a quest to create whimsical baked goods from scratch. ” 

For this project working with Singe Confectionery I created a logo design and a Brand Identity Guide. When I make a Brand Identity Guide it includes; a mission statement, description of the logo for obtaining legal rights, font guide, additional fonts that may be used, final logo forms, logo rules (logo minimum space, logo integrity and logo sins) and a color guide.

The Forge Theater Lab

“ The Forge Theater Lab, in residence at Fitchburg State University, develops new plays that ignite passionate conversations. ” 

In the beginning of Summer 2019 I won a logo design contest for The Forge Theater Lab. From there I developed the final version of the logo and the Brand Identity Guide. Seasons one and two were designed in full by me, check out all the posters and other collateral I made below.

I thrive designing posters for theater troupes. I have worked with The Forge Theater Lab, FSU Mainstage, FSU Improvatron, and the Falcon Theater Club. I would love to work with more theater groups in the future, so if you know a troupe in need you know who to call.

The Forge.png